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Exercise Tub

Exercises to Try in an Exercise Tub

Working out in an exercise tub is an excellent addition to or even replacement of your current workout. It's also suitable for those looking to start a workout habit.

Exercise tubs provide low impact workouts while helping you burn more calories thanks to the water's resistance. There are plenty of exercises to do in an exercise tub, but below are a few to get you started.

Cycling or Jogging

Cycling, jogging, or even walking in place gets the heart pumping and muscles working as they fight the water's resistance. As you build up strength, you can turn up the setting of your tub's current.

Resistance Exercises

Even still water provides resistance against the body's movement. Turning on or turning up the current in resistance swim spas create even more resistance. Don't push yourself too hard all at once, but find a challenging setting. Start swimming toward the current for a full-body workout.


You can do a plank by placing your hands on the stairs or by using a pool noodle. Either way, it engages your core while you hold yourself in place for one to two minutes.


Place your back against the wall of the pool. Stretch your arms out to the sides, and grab onto the lip of the spa. Extend your legs, bring them to your chest, and then extend them again. Aim for 10 to 20 crunches each time.

These exercises are just a glimpse into the world of water exercise. When you are ready for a workout like nothing you have experienced before, exercise tubs and resistance swim spas are the answer.

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