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Swim Spas

3 Safety Tips for Using Exercise Swim Spas

When you mention water exercises, it tends to conjure up mental images of water aerobics for seniors. Those workouts are undoubtedly beneficial, but water exercise does not stop there.

You can get a full-body, hardcore workout in exercise swim spas while putting much less stress on the joints. Before diving into such a great workout, there are three essential safety tips that you need to remember.


Exercising in swim spas is no different than exercising outside of them when it comes to caring for yourself. Always complete some stretches before your workout to help prevent injury and after the workout to help your muscles recover quicker.


No matter what exercise you are doing or where you are doing it, warming up is essential. Start your workout slowly. After five or ten minutes, you can start building up your pace.

Stay Hydrated

This may sound like an ironic tip since exercise swim spas are full of water, but it is essential. The truth is that even though you can't feel it, you can still sweat. The problem is that since you are soaking wet, you will not notice it, and that can lead to dehydration.

Following these three simple tips can help you get in a powerful and effective workout while keeping yourself safe.

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